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As a leading investor, Shams Tamin Co. supports startup companies & new ideas, mainly by mentoring plus delivering financial facilities. We introduced these activities in order to complete company value chain for our stakeholders. We always welcome to new ideas in IT, CT, Nano & Bio technology fields by a vast financial, technical & mentoring supports, plus partnership scenarios. Our company activities enables startups to realize there innovative hi-tech ideas & commercialize them in order to make more direct & indirect job positions plus scientific & industrial development benefits.

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Shams Tamin Investment Company has always endeavored to be of assistance to the national technological and economic growth and thus has created many job opportunities in new industry fields by investment & mentorship.

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History of Shams Tamin

Shams Tamin Hi-Tech Industries Investment Company is the subsidiary holding of SSIC Investment Group (Social Security Investment Company) which established in 2006 to invest and involve in industries related to information technology, Telecommunication technology, nanotechnology and biotechnology and all other industries related to the above. Shams business outlook is to find or create innovative projects in different areas by the help of the newest findings in mentioned technology areas in order to invest and gain profit as well as help to extend the technological borders. Shams Tamin is also active as a venture capitalist and a nurturing incubator to support young ideas and new-formed firms to set in motion the potential capacity laid in the society, and hence, Shams has created thousands of job opportunities so far. In Shams Tamin Company, we always welcome to new ideas, investment suggestions, partnership proposals and any kind of constructive cooperation regarding the new technologies and beyond.